Monday, August 10, 2009

One Last Post

When I first thought of this project I spent about a week trying to figure who I would ask to join me. I really wanted everyone to be a part of it, but there were only seven days of the week. So why did I choose who I chose?

- You're always so full of wit. I knew that you would have posts would be laced with humor and would shine with your unique personality.

Viv- I chose you because you're sarcastic and I knew that you would have an interesting viewpoint on any subject. I knew you wouldn't hesitate to make fun of anything you felt like.

- You are perhaps one of the funniest people I've ever met. And you always stick to what you believe in and so I knew that you would create beautiful posts.

- I wanted your gender to add variety, but I also knew that you were a wonderful writer and knowledgeable about many subjects. I knew your posts would be thoughtful and well-written.

- You have a way of knowing more about people than anyone else. I knew you would write heartfelt posts while still incorporating humor.

- There's no one quite like you. I knew that your posts would be full of originality. I also chose you for how strongly you stand behind your beliefs.

- When I think happiness I think of you. You're such a strong person and I knew that it would be reflected within your posts.

Pretty good team if I say so myself.

This will be my last official post. We're going to open the blog up to all our friends. Anyone will be able to post on any day. Just ask me or one of the other Power
Bloggers about the login information. I ask that you'll hold off you're posts until each one of us has gotten in one last post.

I'll still post on here from time to time so be sure to check back. Here's my personal blog if you're interested...


, your gold Power Blogger

Saturday, August 8, 2009

If Life Is A Rose, I'm Definitely Feeling Its Thorns

You know, I never asked to have high goals or a heavy work load or a sport that requires tons of effort. I hear, "Life is hard so make what you can with it," all the time yet I wonder if I can make it what I want. What do I want to do? I want to rock out with my guitar and have at least one large-audience concert experience, I want to go far and wide with my tennis, and I want to learn a bit of dancing so I don't embarrass myself the next time I'm forced onto the dance floor. However, I see a few blockades in my path.
The biggest one is my parents. The typical, stereotype Asian parents. It's either med school or law school. "A" is normal. "B" is unacceptable. "C" or below means no cellphone/car/computer plus a shouty lecture... or death if you're lucky. They run you through the, "We came to America to pay for your education," argument and run you through the biggest guilt trips of your life. They expect nothing but achievem
ent and rail on your for every little failure. They make you wait for the luxuries in life like driving and not let you get your license or car until you are well past 16. They expect you to be like them: lifeless, work-a-holics, and socially tight-fisted. Finally, they explode for no reason sometimes, pulling you into the crossfire, watching you shield yourself from the angry words raining down on your poor head. Hah, yeah right. I call myself lucky actually. If my parents were like that, I'd never survive. I love my parents but sometimes they just can't seem to accept what I want to do like guitar for instance.
Second is my stupid SAT score. 1270 reading and math score... Not enough to go to my college of choice. I'd like to try my luck on the ACT but that's all about speed. I suck at speed reading. Why couldn't they just give me ten sections of math? I would
do so much better. If I don't get into my college of choice, I would go on a Friday the 13th killing spree with a tennis racquet and a ski mask. Gah, college apps... it feels like impending doom... FOR YOU!
Third, my inability to motivate myself. I can be a hard worker when I want to. It's in my blood. I'm Asian. Duh. But that's the problem. "When I want to." The problem is, I almost never want to work hard these days. Laziness is dangerous, people. Even though I clearly have to study for my SAT's and I clearly have to finish my summer homework, I always drift back to the computer, the T.V., or the bed. I wish someone named June (that's also a guy and has the same last name) would take my test for me, get a 2400, and come home to make me a sandwich. Seriously, life would be so
much easier. But alas, I must perservere because it would really suck if I let go.

Thanks for reading this boring post. Join us tomorrow for a more lively post written by Caroline!


Friday, August 7, 2009

This is a little darker.

Well... the um, school planner ended last week Saturday. Yeah. Not much going on over here. And it is... sunny... outside. Again. I am writing a math test. I am still waiting for 2010 to come so that most of the college stuff will be out of the way. But then there is the waiting, so I am really hoping for May 2010. But I'm not because APs are so tasking. So I am waiting for June 2010, but then we are graduating and we will be wearing robes that happen to be similar to the color of this font. And then we have that last summer... Aw, no fun. :(
I could turn it around, and I started to type this paragraph with all optimism but it didn't sound completely happy because there is always other unfortunate stuff.
Headache. '~'

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday came back around so quickly.

I got a job. I am not sure how I feel about that yet. On the one hand it is like, yay! Check that out! I will work and get experience and money and everything. How awesome is that. But on the other hand it's like . . . now I have to work? And what if I'm bad at it? And what if it's scary? And what if no one likes me?

Hmm. I have a headache. It is pretty hardcore. I just don't feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. And I suppose in general I am just kind of depressed. Summer work. . . work. . . school. . . life. . . ugh.

Okay. Probably an hour has gone by. And now, I'm thinking life might not be so awful. Someone out there is watching out for me. An anonymous someone gave me a great surprise. Someone who is awesomely amazing. And they should know that they made my day. :)

In a way, everything seems to be falling right into place. If I can get through this last year of high school, I should be okay. I'm starting to think that no matter what happens, every little thing will be alright. Who knows what is going to happen. Right now it seems I am pretty in control of my life. At least I can be thankful for that.

I waited a while before posting this to see if I had anything else to say. I don't.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Not in the Mood

I don't really know what to write. I'm in one of those moods where I know that I have no reason to be sad, but I kinda feel sad anyways.

Not the point. Haha, I don't actually have any point. When I'm in moods like this, I often put my music on random and skip song after song until I find the exact one that describes how I feel. Then I repeat it over and over again.

This is the one I landed on today: In This Diary by the Ataris. Here's the link to the music video. They won't let me embed it.

Yeah, that's all. I know it was lame, but I have to finish reading The Awakening.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Are the Involuntary

Hello there, Blue Powerblogger here!

I have so much on my mind, I can't think straight.

For one, school is starting in three weeks and I have only read one of my books for AP lit and I still have all my calc work to do.

I am leaving AGAIN to go to the mountains. Oh joy.

The kid I thought I wanted to be my boyfriend is now my best friend and I like that better, but he keeps doing things that make me like him again. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm less than a year away from graduating and I still don't know what to do about college.

My youth pastor infuriates me beyond belief and Calvary is my refuge.

I miss Daniel.

I miss Underoath and Aaron Gillespie! I got to see them a week ago today. Best day of my life.

Urban Dictionary defines Aaron Gillespie as: "the hottest man to ever live. plus he's christian...too bad he's taken. and he's the sexiest mofo out there." TRUE.

Urban Dictionary defines Caroline as: "extremely fine, and in some cases uses a golden calculator to divide." Pretty much also true.

Hopefully, I am going to kidnap Daniel this weekend. Otherwise, I hope to see him this week.

My life sucks because I have an eensy weensy crush on the guy that one of my friends has loved for four years and now she's jealous because he calls me Caro. Mlerg.

Matching bestfriendship bracelets are the bomb dot com.

I saw theeee cutest scene kid EVER this weekend. I mean he was freaking adorable.

The Wedding's lead singer can sing like no other (except Aaron, of course!)

The Poisonwood Bible was actually semi enjoyable.

My mother has made a list of the guys she wants me to marry. It's awkward.

I can't even concentrate for five minutes in order to finish my song that I'm working on.

In this new song, I belt a high F. It's baller.

Go listen to every song ever made by Underoath. I seriously have not listened to any other artist besides them since last Sunday. And I've listened to "Lost/In/The/Sound/Of/Separation" fifteen times since then.

This post is wayyyyy too random. Sorry.

Until next week,

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I wish
1. I could concentrate when reading my summer reading books. They are so boring!
2. I could sleep and not feel tired when I wake up.
3. I did not procrastinate so much.
4. the Internet wasn't so addicting.
5. I could eat without gaining weight. (like a certain friend of mine)
6. running wasn't so tiring.
7. some of my teachers would actually teach me.
8. I didn't get sick so much.
9. my SAT scores were high enough.
10. my wireless Internet stopped disconnecting every few minutes.
11. I had wings... delicious hot wings.
12. I had the other wings too.
13. calculus interested me.
14. I had enough money for a money bath. I want to wallow in wealth =D
15. I could walk on water.
16. I could walk under water.
17. I could walk over water.
18. I could walk through water. Oh wait! I can!
19. I could shout, "Let my people go!" and part the Red Sea with a stick.
20. my car could fly so I can go Harry Potter on them Muggles.
21. the Incredibles were real.
22. Spongebob was real.
23. Patrick was real.
24. Squidward wasn't real. He's not cool enough.
25. Ryan's car wasn't stick shift. We could save lives.

When I heard this on the radio, I could've sworn it was Coldplay. It sure sounded like it. Is it just me?
Stay tuned for Caroline's supah amazing post tomorrow! WHOO! CMON GUYS! REMEMBER YOUR POST DAYS! GO TEAM!